Since Kristin thought this was so funny....

Mary: just got outta my spanish class, it blows
FidzGotSkills: now now...en espanol
Mary: lol el blowo?
FidzGotSkills: haha muy bien

And i HAVE to add another Mary quip from this past weekend:

"Im as sober as a pigeon..pigeons are generally sober animals, you rarely see one with a corona!"

Happy Birthday Mary! You're hillarious!


At 7/10/2005 4:46 PM, Anonymous Mary said...

lol!! thanks hun, im so freakin famous now!! i feel like i should be saying sumthing funny rite now... oh well :D

At 7/11/2005 5:21 PM, Anonymous Kristin said...

I get the header! Wow! I don't think any guy has ever done that for me ever. 10 points for you!

that was pretty damn funny...


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