according to Dictionary.com....

n : beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set; may be folded around e.g. ham or cheese or jelly

Jelly!??! who puts jelly in an omelette!?


50 ways to leave your lover

We all have heard the song, "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon....but he only names 5 ways! (see below)

1. slip out the back, jack
2. make a new plan, stan
3. don't need to be coy, roy
4. hop on the bus, gus
5. drop off the key, lee

SO..here's the other 45 ways, as discussed by Krisin and myself...
6. get on a jet, chet (me)
7. act like a slob, bob (me)
8. get it caught in a fan, dan (me)

THEN, Kristin started catching on and joined in....

9. cheat on the bitch, Rich (kay)
10. stab her in the back, mac (me)
11. back away real slow, joe (me)
12. hide in the shed, jed (me)
13. use the axe, Max (kay)
14. run her over, grover (me)
15. sleep with her Mom, Tom (kay)
16. or with her dad, tad (me)
17. or with the cat, pat (me)
18. cut up her fish, ish (me)
19. cut of her feet, pete (me)
20. break off a limb, Jim (kay)
21. steal her best friend jenny, kenny (kay...starting to reach a little bit)
22. become gay, Ray (kay..redeeming herself)
23. go get her a dike, mike (me)
24. say u don't want to marry, Larry (kay)
25. get a plastic ring, ding (me, but kay objects to the name...GOTTA be a Ding SOMEWHERE!)
26. stick her ass to the can, dan (me..redeeming MYself)
27. throw her off the edge, reg (me)
28. pee on her leg, greg (me)
29. u love goat sex, Rex (kay, but not sure how this is a way to leave a lover, but hell..it's funny)
30. run down the street baren, aaron (me)
31. pathological lying, brian (kay, i almost took offence here...)
32. smack her with a brick, rick (me)
33. switch with your twin, quin (kay)
34. paint her ass blue, lou (me)
35. start doing blow, joe (me)
36. leave her at the gorge, george (me)
37. say her ass is too big to haul, paul (kay)
38. tell her she's like your mother, brother (kay, even though "brother" isn't a name really...)
39. slip it out of park, mark (me)
40. say u want three i a bed, red (kay)
41. Throw at her some jell-o, fellow (me..if she can use "brother", i can use "fellow"!
42. slug her with a bat, pat (kay)
43. make love to a porn mag, tag (kay. i don't know who/what "tag" is...)
44. give her a wet-willy, billy (me)
45. step off the window sill, will (kay)
46. grow your ass hairy, perry (me)
47. place a dumb bet, brett (me)
48. do it doggy style, kyle (kay)
49. put a snake in the bed, ted (me)
50. become a groupie for kiss, chris (me)

What do you think? I think we need to remake the song....


a correction...

My last post was incorrect..the doctor said that FOUR percent need re-correction.

BUT...today i saw her again..and she admitted to me that i'm the first EVER that this has happened to! I guess some are close...but just a little off. My one eye isn't even CLOSE...

First ever...wow...some luck i have!

Anyways..hoping she can correct it this Thursday...better then the 2-4 months like she had told me last week...i'll find out today or tomorrow if it will be possible...let's hope!


my life....

you had to KNOW that i'd be one of the 2% of patients that would have problems with LASIK...my right eye is great...clear as can be. the right, seems like nothing has changed...so looks like i'm probably going to have to go through that whole thing again.

lucky me!


Since Kristin thought this was so funny....

Mary: just got outta my spanish class, it blows
FidzGotSkills: now now...en espanol
Mary: lol el blowo?
FidzGotSkills: haha muy bien

And i HAVE to add another Mary quip from this past weekend:

"Im as sober as a pigeon..pigeons are generally sober animals, you rarely see one with a corona!"

Happy Birthday Mary! You're hillarious!