My fortune....

My luck that my fortune cookie would read this:

"If you think nobody cares if you are alive, try missing a couple of car payments."

How messed up of a fortune is THAT?!?!
It's like whoever wrote that one knew it was coming to me....spooky acutally!

(sad thing is...that was SERIOUSLY my fortune...only me....)


stepping back from the edge...

I need to stop being so negative about things...
Everything isn't so bad...

We'll all live another day

*big thumbs up*


worst promotion EVER!!!

(right when you thought i'd never post again)

Ok how thrilled am I? I just won a free flying disk with Snapple's "Win A Favor" promotion.
This has to be the most useless game ever...seriously...

The prize i won has a retail value of $2, with only a 1/64 chance of winning.

They say you have to send the bottle cap in a padded envelope, and they recommend that:
"claims be sent by a traceable and secure method of delivery such as registered mail, return receipt requested."

So..i figure if i send this thing in...i'll be paying over $2 for the shipping!

i think i might do it though....why you ask?
because.....fuck you, Snapple...fuck you right up your stupid lameoid promotion having asses!