Season Finale of 24!!!

Sad to say, another season of 24 has come to an end...not sure what i'm going to do on Monday night's now..maybe re-watch all 24 hours since i have them all on my Tivo!

Show was great...except i started watching at like 10:30...thinking i could watch an hour..and save an hour to watch tonight (Tuesday night). Yeah...right! Such a great show...it could've been a 5 hour finale and i prolly would've sat right through it!

Sorta sucks at the end....Audrey breaks up with Jack...after kissing him and confessing her love for him!!! Well ok..she saw him torture her husband...and make a decision that led to his death...so i guess i can understand it in those circumstances....

but i'm sure glad breakups don't happen like that in real life! that would suck huh?! ugh...

I was pretty psyched to see another season will be starting in January '06....can't wait! (seeing it's one of the only shows i watch)

I did see a new show that i will check out...The Inside...looks like a psychological thriller type series...right up my alley...

gotta try new things...right? The best things on Earth can't last forever :(


check me out...

So i haven't written in a while...figured since i FINALLY had something good to write about..might as well be now...

Went for a run during lunch down by the beach. I've never been down there before, figured i'd go check it out. The run was great...and the weather is just PERFECT!

There's a picture of the beach here:( http://www.gatm.com/cthwys/images/sherwe.JPG )

Gotta love Westport! And actually...if you look at the left of the picture, you see 5 buildings...that's where i work! I'm in the building closer to the top of the picture...and that's where i am right now actually! cool eh?

Well i'm gonna keep busy for a little while longer...then gonna work out and head home...trying to keep on a smile...


Good News!!!

took a personality disorder test...results are as follows:

Disorder Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Moderate
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low
URL of the test: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv
URL for more info: http://www.4degreez.com/disorder/index.html

I'll take moderate!


new DMB CD out this Tuesday

DMB's new album "Stand Up" comes out this Tueday, May 10th.

You can listen to the entire album at VH1.com

Thought i'd post this since people seem to be appreciative of it.

So glad we have some good music coming out soon...think i have new Foo Fighters, Ben Folds, and Our Lady Peace albums are also coming out in the next few months!
(like the 1,500+ songs on my Ipod isn't enough!)

Speaking of such..i was thinking of some artists that i like, but haven't
come across yet. If anyone has Weezer or Hootie & the Blowfish CDs...please let
me borrow. That's some feel good music right there! haha