the streak continues...

So i never really finished my update from last weekend...after i wrote that last blog..i still had a whole lot of gambling to do that weekend. To sum it up quick...went to Foxwoods for the poker tournament, ended up winning another $1,200 between poker, blackjack and roulette. Not a bad day's work i'd say!

Doesn't stop there either. This Saturday i showed up at Foxwoods to play some poker, but forgot about the huge tournament, so i had to wait over 3 HOURS to get on a table!

I actually ended up losing (yes, losing!) $20 at the poker table over 3 hours....but doesn't matter, cause i had already won $750 at the blackjack tables waiting for my seat!!! Strange how horrible that game can be to me sometimes...and others it's the easiest thing in the world....

On my way to the Yankee game last night (which i will write about tomorrow probably) i stopped in to the Players Club for a little more 1-2 no-limit....and again...dominated...won $500 in that session. So another weekend, another $1,200 to add to my bank account...sounds good to me!


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