an amazing revelation!

FidzGotSkills: and now i sign on...and 2 min later she puts an away message up
FidzGotSkills: i know she's going to work...but you'd think she'd say hi and bye or something lol
Jenna: of course not
FidzGotSkills: maybe i ask too much of people
Jenna: ahhh I was the same way with danny
FidzGotSkills: how the hell do you deal with it?
FidzGotSkills: i'll always feel like this...
FidzGotSkills: i do the things that i want someone to do for me...lol
Jenna: bc I keep trying to tell myself that there is someone out there that won't make me feel that way all the time
FidzGotSkills: i need to date myself i think
Jenna: hahaha good comment


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