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it's been awhile...

Haven't wrote anything in a while...figured now's as good a time as ever. Sitting here listening to some Collective Soul....what could be better? OK...a lot of things....but oh well...

So i finally got unlazy and transfered some pictures from my phone to my computer...about time! Just wish there was a way to transfer a sound file to my phone to use as a ring tone. Downloaded a ringtone from AT&T website...sound quality BITES! You'd think for $400...this phone would be a lot better then it is....i actually think the camera's on the $100 phones out now are better then mine...well at least mine LOOKS cool....and that's what's really important..right?

So i'll try to put some of the pictures up on here..if i can figure out how i did it last time....

So what else is up? Let's see....went to a belly dancing performance in Springfield, MA tonight with Amy and some of her friends (for her birthday)...one of the dancers shook her tassels at me (which i was told was flirting)...aww yeah....the women's love me! (but my stomach did NOT enjoy the ethnic foods very much!)

Glad that March is almost here...but sorta bummed about my birthday...on i move to my "upper" 20s....unbelievable to think i graduated college almost 4 years ago....where does the time go?

Oh while i'm thinking about it...why is it that almost everyday...someone flips me the bird when i pass them on the highway??...is there something written on my face or something? Just cause you're an asshole driving 60mph in the fast lane...don't take it out on me people!!

OK well it's getting late...probably the most random blog entry ever...but there should be A LOT TO COMMENT ON (hint, hint) Hope to talk to you all soon...and enjoy the pictures


Check out this spam mail i received....

Thought this was strange...don't see any links..or any advertisements...here's the text copied straight from the e-mail:

hit there this is a test of the emegency broadcast channel he began feeling me.Stammering out something, I knew not what, I rolled away from himagainst the wall, and then conjured him, whoever or whatever he might be,to keep quiet, and let me get up and light the lamp again.But his guttural responses satisfied me at once that he but illcomprehended my meaning."Who-e debel you?"--he at last said--"you no speak-e, dam-me, I kill-e."And so saying the lighted tomahawk began flourishing about me in the dark

Anyone seen something like this?


The name of my blog is causing it's own death...

Everything i want to say i can't...

Stupid Blog...

Oh so anyways...a few days ago this a-hole had some major road rage cause i passed him, and followed me 5 miles down the highway and off my exit (and about 3 turns until maybe he realized we were headed towards the police station). People are idiots huh? Who would do that? Dude, just drive home and go beat your wife and kids or something....leave the innocent drivers alone (note: i, in NO way, condone beating the women and children...i just figure these are the same people that do it...)

Nothing much else happened this last week that i feel like writing about, i bought and watched Napoleon Dynamite a few times...good stuff!!!!

Check out some clips: http://www2.foxsearchlight.com/napoleondynamite/epk/index.php
(go to multimedia section)

Happy Valentine's Day to anyone that celebrated it, i myself enjoyed a delicious night of movies and nachos...rah! :)

Everyone at work is having a stupid birthday...i keep getting cake forced down my throat...damned fornication...what good has it ever done anyone!? (btw....my birthday in a few weeks will NOT be stupid...so don't think you shouldn't get me something cause of what i just said) haha

My sister, mother, and new niece visited me on Sunday...quite nice of them to come down for only a few hours..i can't drive that much in one day...good to finally see my niece..can't believe something anywhere CLOSE to cute came out of my sister.....but looking back..i guess my sister was sorta cute when she was smaller too...as was i....
Me and my sister....living proof that just because you were cute as a baby...doesn't mean that you'll grow up that way! lol

I'll have pictures up from the visit...but i just posted a pic from a month ago..right after she was born..pretty cute eh?

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Well...there goes my plans to catch up on sleep during the weekend...

So i slept a total of...oh...about 10 hours the last 3 days. Sorta wish i was one of those people who could sleep 3-4 hours a night, and be awake as anyone. The result isn't such..i'm pretty tired. Knowing i'll be here at work for at LEAST the next 13-14 hours isn't helping me. But..i did have an AWESOME weekend...so it's all worth it.

How bout my prediction huh? had the point spread exactly right! (pats by 3)

Oh...AND...the football pool i was in...found out that i actually WON! So...i put $100 in this thing..and looks like i'm getting about $250 back...not bad not bad! Who said i have a gambling problem?!?! (Shannon!)

It's only a problem if you LOSE hehe


Just so i have this on record....

Pats 20-Eagles 17

Other predictions?

(note: i have SO much more to write about...most of which i probably won't....but i'm so damn tired...not happening today)

write me some comments people! motivate me!


Finally life has some meaning!

I was just listening to some streaming radio on MTV.com...and i figured out what i've been doing wrong all these years....there's no sex in my violence!

...let life begin!

Don't laugh...Gavin must've done something right...


mel's blog

mel's blog

Here begins what is sure to be the shortest living blog ever...

Ok so i'm not much for writing....so we'll see how this goes.

Things i'm pissed about right now:

1) That stupid groundhog...c'mon man...help us out. 6 more weeks of winter? Up yours buddy!

2) I'm at work, which isn't that bad usually...but seems like this is the 2 months from hell...why is it that lately working less then a 12 hour day feels like a relief!?!?!

Things i'm excited about right now:

1) buying my Collective Soul tickets today...just found out yesterday that they're playing up in Hartford in April sometime, AND on a Saturday. Last show i saw back in December was a Thursday night was great...but having to work the next day was not....(actually slept at work on the couch that night) So i'll be buying 2 tickets...just need someone to come with me now! (hint, hint)

2) the temp will actually be ABOVE freezing today for the first time in like 56 years...about time...

3) won another poker tournament here at work yesterday...after losing the next 2...only gave me a $50 profit...but hell...i'll take it. Nothing like taking on a professional player heads up and just DOMINATING...work is fun sometimes...(but $50 doesn't quite make up for #2 above in my "pissed" category...)

4) the fact that EVERYONE reading this will post a response! That i'm looking forward to. I won't keep this going if no one responds.

All my love goes out to my friends Mary and Raul. Raul was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago, and last i heard he wasn't supposed to make it through last night. Mary you're a great friend, sorry this had to happen to someone this close to you. All the best for Raul's family as well. (i haven't heard an update yet...but i'm hoping for a miracle!)

Ok i think this went pretty well for my first blog entry EVER...what do you think?