not even worth writing anymore...

Nothing to write about...

oh..shaved my head yesterday...

that's about the most exciting thing that's happened to me in a while...



according to Dictionary.com....

n : beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set; may be folded around e.g. ham or cheese or jelly

Jelly!??! who puts jelly in an omelette!?


50 ways to leave your lover

We all have heard the song, "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon....but he only names 5 ways! (see below)

1. slip out the back, jack
2. make a new plan, stan
3. don't need to be coy, roy
4. hop on the bus, gus
5. drop off the key, lee

SO..here's the other 45 ways, as discussed by Krisin and myself...
6. get on a jet, chet (me)
7. act like a slob, bob (me)
8. get it caught in a fan, dan (me)

THEN, Kristin started catching on and joined in....

9. cheat on the bitch, Rich (kay)
10. stab her in the back, mac (me)
11. back away real slow, joe (me)
12. hide in the shed, jed (me)
13. use the axe, Max (kay)
14. run her over, grover (me)
15. sleep with her Mom, Tom (kay)
16. or with her dad, tad (me)
17. or with the cat, pat (me)
18. cut up her fish, ish (me)
19. cut of her feet, pete (me)
20. break off a limb, Jim (kay)
21. steal her best friend jenny, kenny (kay...starting to reach a little bit)
22. become gay, Ray (kay..redeeming herself)
23. go get her a dike, mike (me)
24. say u don't want to marry, Larry (kay)
25. get a plastic ring, ding (me, but kay objects to the name...GOTTA be a Ding SOMEWHERE!)
26. stick her ass to the can, dan (me..redeeming MYself)
27. throw her off the edge, reg (me)
28. pee on her leg, greg (me)
29. u love goat sex, Rex (kay, but not sure how this is a way to leave a lover, but hell..it's funny)
30. run down the street baren, aaron (me)
31. pathological lying, brian (kay, i almost took offence here...)
32. smack her with a brick, rick (me)
33. switch with your twin, quin (kay)
34. paint her ass blue, lou (me)
35. start doing blow, joe (me)
36. leave her at the gorge, george (me)
37. say her ass is too big to haul, paul (kay)
38. tell her she's like your mother, brother (kay, even though "brother" isn't a name really...)
39. slip it out of park, mark (me)
40. say u want three i a bed, red (kay)
41. Throw at her some jell-o, fellow (me..if she can use "brother", i can use "fellow"!
42. slug her with a bat, pat (kay)
43. make love to a porn mag, tag (kay. i don't know who/what "tag" is...)
44. give her a wet-willy, billy (me)
45. step off the window sill, will (kay)
46. grow your ass hairy, perry (me)
47. place a dumb bet, brett (me)
48. do it doggy style, kyle (kay)
49. put a snake in the bed, ted (me)
50. become a groupie for kiss, chris (me)

What do you think? I think we need to remake the song....


a correction...

My last post was incorrect..the doctor said that FOUR percent need re-correction.

BUT...today i saw her again..and she admitted to me that i'm the first EVER that this has happened to! I guess some are close...but just a little off. My one eye isn't even CLOSE...

First ever...wow...some luck i have!

Anyways..hoping she can correct it this Thursday...better then the 2-4 months like she had told me last week...i'll find out today or tomorrow if it will be possible...let's hope!


my life....

you had to KNOW that i'd be one of the 2% of patients that would have problems with LASIK...my right eye is great...clear as can be. the right, seems like nothing has changed...so looks like i'm probably going to have to go through that whole thing again.

lucky me!


Since Kristin thought this was so funny....

Mary: just got outta my spanish class, it blows
FidzGotSkills: now now...en espanol
Mary: lol el blowo?
FidzGotSkills: haha muy bien

And i HAVE to add another Mary quip from this past weekend:

"Im as sober as a pigeon..pigeons are generally sober animals, you rarely see one with a corona!"

Happy Birthday Mary! You're hillarious!


My fortune....

My luck that my fortune cookie would read this:

"If you think nobody cares if you are alive, try missing a couple of car payments."

How messed up of a fortune is THAT?!?!
It's like whoever wrote that one knew it was coming to me....spooky acutally!

(sad thing is...that was SERIOUSLY my fortune...only me....)


stepping back from the edge...

I need to stop being so negative about things...
Everything isn't so bad...

We'll all live another day

*big thumbs up*


worst promotion EVER!!!

(right when you thought i'd never post again)

Ok how thrilled am I? I just won a free flying disk with Snapple's "Win A Favor" promotion.
This has to be the most useless game ever...seriously...

The prize i won has a retail value of $2, with only a 1/64 chance of winning.

They say you have to send the bottle cap in a padded envelope, and they recommend that:
"claims be sent by a traceable and secure method of delivery such as registered mail, return receipt requested."

So..i figure if i send this thing in...i'll be paying over $2 for the shipping!

i think i might do it though....why you ask?
because.....fuck you, Snapple...fuck you right up your stupid lameoid promotion having asses!


Season Finale of 24!!!

Sad to say, another season of 24 has come to an end...not sure what i'm going to do on Monday night's now..maybe re-watch all 24 hours since i have them all on my Tivo!

Show was great...except i started watching at like 10:30...thinking i could watch an hour..and save an hour to watch tonight (Tuesday night). Yeah...right! Such a great show...it could've been a 5 hour finale and i prolly would've sat right through it!

Sorta sucks at the end....Audrey breaks up with Jack...after kissing him and confessing her love for him!!! Well ok..she saw him torture her husband...and make a decision that led to his death...so i guess i can understand it in those circumstances....

but i'm sure glad breakups don't happen like that in real life! that would suck huh?! ugh...

I was pretty psyched to see another season will be starting in January '06....can't wait! (seeing it's one of the only shows i watch)

I did see a new show that i will check out...The Inside...looks like a psychological thriller type series...right up my alley...

gotta try new things...right? The best things on Earth can't last forever :(


check me out...

So i haven't written in a while...figured since i FINALLY had something good to write about..might as well be now...

Went for a run during lunch down by the beach. I've never been down there before, figured i'd go check it out. The run was great...and the weather is just PERFECT!

There's a picture of the beach here:( http://www.gatm.com/cthwys/images/sherwe.JPG )

Gotta love Westport! And actually...if you look at the left of the picture, you see 5 buildings...that's where i work! I'm in the building closer to the top of the picture...and that's where i am right now actually! cool eh?

Well i'm gonna keep busy for a little while longer...then gonna work out and head home...trying to keep on a smile...


Good News!!!

took a personality disorder test...results are as follows:

Disorder Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Moderate
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low
URL of the test: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv
URL for more info: http://www.4degreez.com/disorder/index.html

I'll take moderate!


new DMB CD out this Tuesday

DMB's new album "Stand Up" comes out this Tueday, May 10th.

You can listen to the entire album at VH1.com

Thought i'd post this since people seem to be appreciative of it.

So glad we have some good music coming out soon...think i have new Foo Fighters, Ben Folds, and Our Lady Peace albums are also coming out in the next few months!
(like the 1,500+ songs on my Ipod isn't enough!)

Speaking of such..i was thinking of some artists that i like, but haven't
come across yet. If anyone has Weezer or Hootie & the Blowfish CDs...please let
me borrow. That's some feel good music right there! haha


song lyrics are so cool sometimes....


Yeah now maybe we can be friends
Maybe we can be closer
We can have fun
Like we did in the early days
Now that it's over

Yeah right!


an amazing revelation!

FidzGotSkills: and now i sign on...and 2 min later she puts an away message up
FidzGotSkills: i know she's going to work...but you'd think she'd say hi and bye or something lol
Jenna: of course not
FidzGotSkills: maybe i ask too much of people
Jenna: ahhh I was the same way with danny
FidzGotSkills: how the hell do you deal with it?
FidzGotSkills: i'll always feel like this...
FidzGotSkills: i do the things that i want someone to do for me...lol
Jenna: bc I keep trying to tell myself that there is someone out there that won't make me feel that way all the time
FidzGotSkills: i need to date myself i think
Jenna: hahaha good comment


ahhh Spring...the season of lov....oh wait....

Jenna: I think we should just all be single
Jenna: geezus
FidzGotSkills: what a fucked up spring huh?
Jenna: right?
FidzGotSkills: supposed to be the season of love
FidzGotSkills: and everyone is breaking up
Jenna: season of fuckin hate
Jenna: haha
FidzGotSkills: lol


I'm a bad friend.....

So last week, this annoying bitch that i was trying my hardest to be friends with...told me she was getting nothing out of our friendship...so we're not gonna talk anymore...

Wish all my friends sucked enough where they brought me movies and medicine when i am sick...and got me a nice birthday gift...and was pretty much ALWAYS there for me when i needed to talk...

More people should be as horrible a friend as me....


the new pope....

So...we crowned (or whatever) a new pope today.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, 78 years old....

My take on the whole thing is that they really couldn't decide on WHO to pick...so they picked the oldest guy possible, so they have a jusssst a little more time to think about it...

just a random thought.....no harassing comments please lol


the concert...

Quite a mix of ages at the concert tonight! all the way from 13 old to 60...it's really great music...if you haven't heard them (i can't believe that)...check them out at: http://www.collectivesoul.com

I'll post some pictures from my phone..if they came out...the camera on my $400 phone just plain SUCKS! Once i use my computer for something other then burning all my CDs...i'll hook my phone up to it and put up those pics...

Why do i always end up next to the idiot fans at concerts? Last one it was the drunkin idiot...tonight it was the WAY too enthusiactic idiot...i mean c'mon dude....do you have to scream out guitar riffs? please sir...settle the fuck down...

I'll admit...it WAS pretty funny when him and this other guy he was talking to (he didn't know him..but met him at the concert i guess...and no...they weren't gay..they both had females with them) looked at each other and sang to gether "Yeah, let's gel" lol...morons...

Best and worst part of the night happened within 5 seconds of each other....Some asshole kid decided to jump on stage...so he's standing there for a few seconds...security on it's way...and Ed (lead singer http://www.collectivesoul.com/about/default.asp?Loc=2&MemID=34) grabs him...leans him over..and goes to kiss him! What a way to make a funny moment out of one that could potentially make them NOT want to come back to CT...let's hope they come back! The crowd LOVED them (and apparently...Ed loved us too...especially that kid...lol)

Thanks to everyone for NOT coming with me...i got $20 back from selling the ticket..which i will use to hit some golf balls tomorrow..and for lunch...

I don't like any of you anyways....


and the memory kicks in!!!

Well i remembered one of the things i wanted to blog about this morning...cause it happened AGAIN!!!

Ya know those Snapple bottles..that have those stupid "snapple facts" under the cap? Well i drink probably about 3 of these a day (seeing they're free at work)...and i've gotten the same fact like 30 times in the last 2 months...

Ok...Snapple...i get it...Frogs never drink...

Is this THAT important of information that everyone in the world that's ever had a Snapple needs to know? Or is it just freak luck that i keep getting the same fact? I wonder, cause it says that it's snapple fact # 110, which means that there should be at least 109 other facts that i could possibly get when i drink a Snapple.

Assuming that there ARE only 110 facts, which i doubt...i should still only get the same fact about once every 36 1/3 days, which would equate to every month and a half (22 work days a month or so)

Maybe it's fate or something...like somewhere in the future, i will be stuck in the wilderness or something....faced with a gatekeeper who will ask me three questions so that i could pass....sortof like in Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail....

When he asks "Do frogs drink?"....damn...i'll be all set!!!!

Otherwise...i waste 3 seconds of my life every day reading this stupid fact...

And yes, since i've mentioned the brand name about 10 times in this blog...i am expecting free Snapple for life...oh wait...i already DO get free Snapple...

Damnit...i'm gonna go drink a Sprite and punch myself in the face...


i can't believe you people!!!

Why does no one want to see Collective Soul? I don't think you people know how good a show they put on...saw them at Toad's in NH in December...awesome show!

so i had some things the other day that i was thinking about....let's see if i can remember...

well...of course i can't...so i'll move on...

Since i've been sick for like 5 months or so...i decided to go back to the doctors (i'm serious...5 months....)...he gave me some antibiotics..stronger stuff this time...so i'm hoping that works...

He also gave me a scrip for some therapy for my ankle...still deciding if i want to do it or not...

gonna cost me $15 a visit...for like 12 visits...ugh...maybe i'll see how much my eye surgery is going to be..and if i have $ left on my flex spending..i'll go...

Heading to NYC tomorrow for some poker with Pete...hope i can continue my good luck there...we shall see....

I better get to bed..maybe i'll remember what i was going to talk about when i'm asleep...write some comments if you're reading this..say hi..something...hate having no comments :(


Collective Soul concert...

Anyone interested in joining me to see Collective Soul at the Webster Theater up in Hartford on April 16th?

Unfortunately my date Amy had to cancel due to another important conflicting show (go Katie go!)

I'd like to go with someone who's actually WANTS to see the band...but i guess at this point...as long as you'll be good company...you're more then welcome..

let me know....

the streak continues...

So i never really finished my update from last weekend...after i wrote that last blog..i still had a whole lot of gambling to do that weekend. To sum it up quick...went to Foxwoods for the poker tournament, ended up winning another $1,200 between poker, blackjack and roulette. Not a bad day's work i'd say!

Doesn't stop there either. This Saturday i showed up at Foxwoods to play some poker, but forgot about the huge tournament, so i had to wait over 3 HOURS to get on a table!

I actually ended up losing (yes, losing!) $20 at the poker table over 3 hours....but doesn't matter, cause i had already won $750 at the blackjack tables waiting for my seat!!! Strange how horrible that game can be to me sometimes...and others it's the easiest thing in the world....

On my way to the Yankee game last night (which i will write about tomorrow probably) i stopped in to the Players Club for a little more 1-2 no-limit....and again...dominated...won $500 in that session. So another weekend, another $1,200 to add to my bank account...sounds good to me!


marathon day...and a marathon blog entry...

What a tiring few days i just had....

After working Thursday, i decided to get a sandwich at the local Quizznos, (Honey Mustard Chicken, Bacon and swiss...very higly reccomended, by the way...) i went home and watched some TV while waiting for the color to set in so i am now completely blond again. Sorry to my family, i know they liked the two tone hair better...

Was planning on taking a nap..then heading up to Foxwoods at around midnight...well after i got done with my hair and showering, it was like 10pm or so...got in to bed to get an hour of sleep or so...and it just wasn't happening...guess the shower woke me up or somethin...

So at 10:15 i got out of bed...got dressed..and headed out...
zoom forward to 11:45..i walk in to Foxwoods and head to the poker room. Sign up for 1-2 no limit, and seeing i have an hour wait, i go to my nemesis...the blackjack table. After losing about $340 there, i head back to the poker room, and see that i had already missed my name being called...so i put it back on the list and sat at a 4-8 limit table for a while.

I played about 10 hands or so, and started to remember why i am so much happier playing no-limit. There's almost no thinking in the limit game, at least at that money level. Can't bet anyone out of a pot if they're on a draw..and seems like they hit their draws about 80% of the time...it's uncanny! Maybe at the 20-40 games, you can actually muscle some people out...but i would need a bigger bankroll to start playing that...

So i finally got my no-limit seat, and started off pretty poorly. The buy in was max $100, and i bought in i think 5 times before i settled down and started consistantly raking in pots. One big hand i had Ah-Qh, flop came with 2 hearts, think it was Kh, 6h, 2c (or something like that). I had two others in the hand at that point, both with about $100 left after they called the $15 raise pre-flop. I was on the button, and amazingly the two people in front of me went all in! I put one of them on hitting the King and the other on a lower flush draw (since i had the nut flush draw w/the ace). I thought about it for a minute or two, calculated that i was getting about 3-1 on my money, with the possibilty of hitting an ace (as well as any remaining hearts) to win the hand. I decided to call $101 finally, and saw the 2h come on the river and i raked in my largest pot of the morning.

So i stopped playing poker probably about 7am or so, at that point i think i had won about $100 or so at the table, good comeback for being down almost $500...

My friend Melissa and her mom were driving up from Milford to have breakfast at Mohegan at around 10am, so i had told them i would meet them there and join them. So..in the meantime, there i go again, over to the blackjack tables...just stalling till Melissa called me so i could leave.
I had considered going to my car and taking a nap, but i was just hitting my second wind, and knew that it would be tough to get to sleep with the sun coming up....

I worked 2 hands at a $10 table for a while, not betting more then $20 on a hand. And i was actually doing pretty well, up about $300 at one point. Melissa called at like 9ish, and i left that table up $200...pretty decent. So all in all...i left foxwoods only down about $50 or so..not bad for almost 10 straight hours of gambling...

Breakfast was really good, buffet style at Mohegan. I haven't seen Melissa in a while, probably since last October, so she was a sight for sore eyes. She recently got engaged to her b/f Brendan, congratulations to them..of course...

So we chatted for a while and ate WAY too much food, and then i took off towards the parking lot at around 11:30. And i couldn't resist, found a spot at a blackjack table near the door, and played for a half hour, winning another $200 playing $25 a hand.

Now i'm up $150 for the day, driving home, and i get a text message from Pete saying he was goin to hit the NYC Players club to play in their 1-2 no-limt game there. I haven't been to the club yet, and wanted to check it out, so i figured i might as well just hop on a train and head down to the city. It was already like 1:30pm, if i went home i'd just sleep and mess up my whole schedule anyways...

Hopped on a 2:15 train out of Milford, hoping to take a nice nap so i would be awake and attentive at the poker table. Didn't quite happen the way i planned. Sure enough, the train is packed, i DO find a seat, but there is this kid, who just wouldn't shut up for anything. If it exists, i had major "train rage". I was really really close to getting up and screaming at the parent. Sorry, but going "shhh" to a child isn't going to do a damned thing!!! And it's not just that the kid was talking, she was SCREAMING things for no reason at all...the alphabet..numbers...whatever. How can you, as a parent, with 200 people on the train car, LET that happen???? Shut the kid up, however you have to....UGH!!! So if i slept 5 min on the train ride...i was lucky...

So i get to NYC and meet Pete up at his place, he showers up and we head off. the place is pretty cool i guess, nice people that work there, that's for sure...

I get really lucky the first hour or so that we were playing, and i had turned my $200 buy in in to over $600. One hand i had 2 Kings up against 2 Queens. I made a standard raise of about $15, he raised to $40, i looked him over, put him on AK at best, and decided my Kings were good, and re-raised all in. At that point i had about $250 to his $200, he called after thinking for a while, got no help, and i raked in another pretty big pot.

Pete didn't have much luck, except for one pot, he had A-K all in vs. K-K and the flop came down A-9-A....what luck!!!! Reminded me of a tournament we had at work where he had J-J and hit his quads on the flop...wish i had that luck!!!!

So we played from about 5pm till 10pm, i ended being up $200 from the session, but Pete lost about $350, not a good night for him at all...

After we left, we went to Jack's Dilemma, a bar on 78th and Amsterdam. Not many people were there, but we met up with his girlfriend Emily and had 3 drinks, then i headed off to catch a train, so i could get home and finally sleep! This train ride was different, i fell asleep before we even left, and pretty much slept the whole way to Milford. Good thing, cause i was EXHAUSTED!!! The nap kept me nice and awake for the drive home.

When i got home, took a nice hot shower (i felt GROSS...being in the same clothes from 10pm Thu till 2am Saturday...that's a good 28 hours) and fell asleep really quick.

Felt nice to have a good time, play some poker, and always the best part of all...depositing all my winnings in the bank this morning!!!


Get out the 4leaf clovers and put on your rally caps...

I'm gonna need some good fortune this weekend that's for sure...

Since i prolly have nothing else to do with myself this weekend..i'm going to hit the poker tables hard the next few days...hopefully to take my mind off things for a while, win some $ and to prepare for a $200 buy in tournament up at Foxwoods on Monday (i'm taking the day off from work...so i'm already a winner!)

Happy Easter Everyone, i'll let you know how i did next week...


ahh the DMV......

Why is it that the utter scum of society always seems to be largly abundent at the DMV? (if you've been to the DMV recently...i'm not talking about you..i promise! lol)

A huge thanks to the state employees of the Norwalk DMV for their hard work today...when it took me 2 FREAKING HOURS to get my licence renewed!!!!

Way to hustle....ugh! idiots!





2 profitable weekends in a row!

OK....it's not much..but i DID win $2.15 from my family playing British Rummy on Saturday night...damn i wish they'd step up the stakes a little! haha

Well..i did buy two bagels with my newfound wealth on Sunday morning for my ride back from NY...Breuger's Cinnamon Sugar bagels...so good! Whoever says bagels shouldn't be sweet...doesn't know what they are talking about! (though they are prolly damn cute!)

Karsen is so cute, i have this great video of her on my phone flailing around on the floor...she's so hyper when she's awake! When we went to dinner, however, she was asleep and didn't make a sound...we can only hope for the same with our own future children!!

If anyone likes SNL, my mom gave me like 10 "best of" DVDs for my birthday...dunno WHEN i'll have time to watch them all...i am barely halfway through the Seinfeld DVDs i got for X'mas....

Tim is visiting this weekend from LI..hoping to have some people come out Saturday night (if you're intersted let me know)...
Although i had a GREAT time Friday night, didn't get the group of people to go out like i wanted....ahh well...maybe this weekend.

If anyone wants a kitten..my sister's cats just had some..they're a month old...cute as hell...let me know if you want one...

I know you're out there...write a comment or something...give me reason to keep this going...


another birthday come and gone...

So this is 26?! how thrilling....

...i just wish everything was out in the open...
i hate secrets sometimes.....



enough of this damn snow!.....'nuff said...


best blackjack hand ever...

so i was at Foxwoods today...got my ass handed to me at the poker table..and stupid me goes and plays blackjack...again....

I've had such HORRIBLE luck at blackjack over the last few months..it's ridiculous...

So i've won a bit...was actually up $100 for the day (even after losing the $400 at poker)...and i decided that the next hand was going to be my last....so my thinking was...if i bet $200 and win...i get a good hunk of change as a win...and if i lose...i'm only down $100...which isn't bad either (especially considering i was down $400 at one point)....so i put up a $200 bet...

i get a 6-3 against a dealers 5...oh great...a hand i'd normally double..and i have this insane bet up...sooooo it's only money right? fuck it..i throw up the other $200 to double down...so now i have a $400 bet up! (what the hell is wrong with me?!?!?) So of course...my luck...i get a 4 on my double...for a HUGE 13...ugh....

Rachel..the dealer (very nice girl btw...had fun win or lose)...says "now you need some help" My response "do you mean with the cards? or mentally?" lol...i'm funny eh?

Anyways...the dealer's 5 turns in to a 15 when a jack shows up behind it...and Rachel flips over the 8 for a 23..and i walk out of the casino up $500...not a bad hand to end my day!!! So now this weekend will be profitable!!! hooray!!!